Lord Shiva is known as the first physician, he is the pioneer of Ayurveda

Lord Shiva is also the pioneer of all arts and skills. The mount Kailash in Himalayas is known as the residence of Lord Shiva.

residence of lord shiva

There is not information available about root and birth of Lord Shiva. As per the Indian mythology, the lord Shiva is one of the three most powerful divine personalities: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

  1. Brahma creates all the things in world;
  2. Vishnu regulates the way everything exists;
  3. Shiva destroys each thing when their role in universe ends up. Lord Shiva is known as the root controller, and his wife goddess Parvati is known as the root source of energy.

Lord Shiva is the pioneer of Rasashastra, the stream of Ayurveda principally using mercury, metals and minerals in addition to herbal drugs in medicine. The ancient Indian alchemy is the part of Rasashastra.  It is believed that, Rasashastra was addressed by lord Shiva on request of his followers to give them superior system of medicine and distinct identity.

According to some stream of thoughts, Lord Shiva was the very intelligent ruler or scientist of prehistoric age.

He invented and promoted various technologies for welfare of the society. The followers praised him like a god and Shiva became eternal through his contribution to science and society. Some people opine that Lord Shiva was an alien superpower who gave science and technology to earth. The other opinioin about Lord Shiva is that, Shiva was not a single person, but it was an honor given to the extraordinayly talented and influent personalities of various fields of science and art in memory of some ancient great person Shiva. In this way, various Shiva of different prehistoric times contributed to the cultural and scientific development of civilizations.

Thera are various treaties available that are written in the form of the conversation of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati like: » RASA HRIDAYA TANTRA»

In this ancient text we can find LORD SHIVA as a pioneer of ayurveda, he give to Lord Brahma the knowledge of ayurveda to dfaksha Prajapati for welfare of people on earth.

The Lord Brahma was not the creator of Ayurveda, but he just remembered Ayurveda that already existed and taught it to Daksha Prajapati. Hence in process of descend of Ayurveda from divine stream to mortals, Brahma is the first adressor.